Privacy Policy

What information do we collect from you?
While browsing the site, we place a single cookie on your browser. This cookie allows us to track the movement of visitors on the site, enabling us to improve the design and functionality of the site. This cookie does NOT allow us to track you across any other site. We do NOT sell, provide or disclose any information about your activity to any third parties unless required by law. We cannot and do not track your browsing across other sites.
What cookies do we use?
We only use a single cookie, for the sole purpose of understanding the movement of visitors on the site. We do NOT use any third party cookies on our site.
Who do we disclose your browsing on our site to?
We do NOT disclose your browsing session on our site to any third paries, unless required by law.
Do we use third parties to track or analyze traffic?
We do NOT use ANY third parties (such as Google Analytics) to monitor, analyze or track your traffic on our site. We do use Google Search analytics to better understand what exactly people are looking for when performing search requests. We do NOT have access to individual search requests and can't associate a search request with a page visit and/or a user session cookie.
Links to other sites
This site has links to other sites, such as social media or partner sites. We are not responsible for any other sites' business practices, this including data collection that they may perform for their own purposes. It is the sole responsibility of the user to understand their rights on these third party sites.
Changes to this privacy policy
We have the right to modify this privacy policy at any given moment without prior notification. We can't at the moment issue a notice of change of these policies on request. If you need to know of a change to these policies, you need to visit this page on a regular basis. Any changes made to these polices take effect immediately and do not require a prior consent.