Returns Policy

All ECUs are made-to-order
When you order an ECU from us, it is made-to-order just for you. This means we normally do NOT keep stock of any ECUs. This means that except for specific cases which we alone will determine, we can not accept any returns. By purchasing directly from us, you agree to this term.
Incorrect ECU supplied
If we shipped an incorrect ECU to due our fault, we will ship the correct ECU to you, after we receive the wrong ECU back. You will not be charged for shipping the correct ECU. You will need to pay for shipping the incorrect ECU using an approved shipping service, however we will refund you the shipping cost once we receive the incorrect ECU, fully intact with no damage or cosmetic issues. You must inform us of this within 5 business days of receiving the product otherwise we reserve the right to refuse a return.
Wrong ECU ordered
If you order the wrong ECU for your car (for example, your car is a 1996 1.8L Miata with 3 plugs and you order an ECU for the 94-95 1.8L with the 2 plugs), it is unfortunate that we can't accept a return of the wrong ECU and send you the correct one. In very specific cases, we may accept a return if the shipment originates in the European single market and the ECU is a "popular" item. In this case, you will be asked to pay shipping for returning the wrong ECU and for shipping the correct ECU to you. We can't guarantee that you will be offered this option in any case.
Damage or loss during transit
We do not accept any responsibility for damaged or lost items during shipping ("in transit") or delivery (for example, if the package is left outside your residence and is damaged due to rain or it is stolen). We recommend that you ask for shipping insurance in this case, which is available from our shipping partner. Notice that package theft from your place of residence or business is not covered by insurance. You must make sure you are present at the time of delivery to avoid any possibility of package theft.
Warranty returns
All our ECUs have a 2-year, return-to-base warranty. This means that you are liable for the shipping costs back to us, and we are liable for the cost of shipping back to you. If the product returned is not faulty, you will be asked to pay for the cost of shipping it back to you. If the product is faulty but has been damaged due to abuse, misuse or other condition, we may at our discretion, repair the product either for a fee or free of charge but you will be asked to pay for return shipping. In any case, you must absolutely contact us prior to shipping it back to us to authorize an RMA.