Extreme MS3 2.0L TFSI (EA113)

The Extreme MS3 for the 2.0L TFSI (EA113) engine is the best ECU, with the tightest integration with all the OEM functionality, while allowing for extreme levels of performance.


The Extreme MS3 for the 2.0L TFSI (EA113) engines is a new, innovative ECU that allows you to take advantage of your engine's potential, while making tuning a lot easier (and faster!) compared to the OEM MED9.1 ECU.

The biggest difference is that with the Extreme MS3, you will be deleting the OEM high-pressure pump and DI injectors and converting the engine to normal port injection through the use of an aftermarket manifold that has support for 4 port injectors.

This is the ONLY modification required to use this ECU. Simply swap the intake manifold, and run the injector wiring for the DI injectors, to the port injectors. The ECU will provide 12V to the injectors through the OEM wiring.

Everything else will work on the car–ABS, ASR, DSG gearbox (if fitted), Haldex AWD (if fitted), OEM instrument cluster (tachometer, odometer, CEL, EPC, coolant temperature, overheating indication, cruise control indication, fuel consumption/trip computer, oil temperature), A/C, power steering, cruise control, immobilizer (Audi A3/S3, more models to be supported soon), N75 boost control valve, N249 recirculation valve, V51 coolant circulation pump.

On the performance department, the ECU has an internal 4bar MAP sensor, which is good for 3bar/45psi of boost. Want more? Just use an external MAP sensor by connecting it to the OEM MAP sensor's wiring. The ECU has 4 fuel tables, 4 ignition tables, 2 AFR tables and 2 boost control tables. You can switch between maps by using the OEM cruise control stalk or through external switches, which you can connect to any of the ECU's 7 spare digital inputs.

The Extreme MS3 has 8 saturated injector outputs–this means you can run sequential staged injection for extreme power setups. It also has 8 ignition outputs–just in case you want to run a VR6 or a V8 fully sequential.

If you want to add sensors, the Extreme has you covered: there is a total of 10 spare analog inputs. 4 of them are through the OEM wiring (MAF, low fuel pressure sensor, high fuel pressure sensor, manifold flaps sensor) and 6 can be wired in to the T94 main connector.

Launch control is available–either through the DSG gearbox (for these with variable RPM limit based on pedal) or through a ECU-defined RPM limit. There are multiple ways to perform the RPM limit–fuel cut, ignition retard, ignition cut, throttle close.

Rolling antilag is also available–you can use the cruise control stalk for this or use an external switch.

The Extreme MS3 has extremely fast closed loop fuel control. The OEM LSU 4.9 wideband sensor is used for this. You don't need to use an external wideband.

Finally, the Extreme MS3 has builtin 16GB of storage for datalogging, and a realtime clock with internal battery backup to keep track of the time and date on the logs. The logs can be downloaded using the USB tuning cable.

One exciting feature is that the ECU has OBD-II to keep track of faults. Disconnect a sensor and a CEL will popup. Other faults are also monitored constantly to alert you of issues, just like a stock ECU would.

Finally, the ECU supports VCDS for diagnosius–so if you need to bring in your vehicle for repairs, your shop can continue using the tool and software they are already familiar with.

Product Features

The Extreme MS3 for the TFSI engine includes:

  • Sequential injection and staged injection (8 injector outputs)
  • Sequential ignition (8 ignition outputs)
  • Dual VVT outputs
  • Advanced knock control with DSP and knock windowing supporting the two OEM sensors
  • DBW control with 6 3D maps
  • OEM PWM cooling fan output
  • A/C control (Klima unit)
  • Electronic boost control with 2 boost tables, boost by gear, boost by VSS, switchable maps
  • 7 digital (on/off) inputs (for switchable maps, launch control, datalog start/stop, boost high/low, etc)
  • N249 output
  • 10 spare 0-5V analog inputs (2 with pullups for temperarure sensors)
  • 16GB datalogging memory, good for years of daily driving logging
  • Internal MAP sensor for up to 3bar/45psi of boost
  • External MAP input
  • Internal barometer
  • Flex Fuel sensor input
  • CAN Bus connectivity
  • USB port

Product Specifications

  • Plug and play
  • IP66 rating–suitable for OEM ECU locations.
  • CNC machined aluminium casing, black anodized
  • Dimensions (including USB port on the rear and front OEM connector: 21cm x 17cm x 4cm (8.2 x 6.7 x 1.6 inches)
  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.7 pounds)

Product Options

There are no options for this ECU–everything is built in.


Does this ECU support direct injection?

It does not. You will need to convert to port injection.

How much power do I lose by converting to port injection?

On a stock engine, around 3%. Losses are lower at higher RPM. On a built engine, with customs pistons, cams, etc, the direct injection calculations from the factory are no longer valid, so DI does not offer any advantages on extreme setups.

What's not going to work on my car with this ECU?

Everything will work on your vehicle with this ECU. Some functionality is more basic than the OEM (ie cruise control works in open loop mode vs closed loop of the OEM ECU), some of these issues will be addressed later on with a firmware update.



The following product manuals are available for download: